"..Danielle is talented, creative and a true professional in her field."...Cara Macvane, President at CKM Consultants 


"..She is a talented editor and writer. I highly recommend Danielle." Lauren Caglione Director/Producer


"..Her content was not only incredibly well produced, it provoked curiosity and engagement from a relevant demographic. Always prepared, well-researched and on point, Danielle contributed to the growth and success of the companies editorial program." Aidy Smith TV Presenter & Wine & Spirits Columnist for the Independent


"..Her articles are educational yet she knows how to engage the reader with the content she knows will matter most."  Anna Silveira NACE


..."I've witnessed first hand how Danielle is able to use her creativity to add an interesting and personal element to her storytelling. For our lifestyle publication, her writing shined and entertained, but perhaps even more impressive to me is her ability to write for our industrial publication. She is able to take technical information and transform it into a "story" worth reading. She puts time into the research that is evident to the reader, as it is informative, factual, and entertaining." Heather Westrol Creative Director